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Attracting & Retaining Clients

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Too often, business owners are solely focused on increasing revenue that they overlook the needs and desires of their clients. If your client experience is negatively affected by your attempt to bring in more cash, you will find it harder and harder to maintain ongoing relationships with them.

Instead, try shifting your focus. Lead with a goal of creating a great experience with every client interaction and it will naturally lead to ongoing sales and a long list of satisfied clients. The key is to focus on adding value as much as possible. The following strategies will not only add value and retain current clients, but they attract new clients to your business. Here are a few proven strategies that can be used to help attract and retain clients:

  1. Consider Their Needs and Desires

Take a moment to consider how your product or service helps a person overcome obstacles or improve their life? If you can help someone solve a problem, then you create immense value for that person. Clients are willing to spend money over and over again to maintain the comfort and confidence they receive from your product or service. By identifying the pain points your clients are facing you can design the right marketing messages to show how your services or products will solve their needs.

  1. Focus on Benefits Instead of Features The most common mistake business owners make is creating marketing messages focused on features. While these features are important, you need to remember that clients buy benefits. Shift your message to show how your product or service will improve their lives, and you will create clients that keep coming back over and over again. Get into the psychology of your industry. What motivates people to buy? Usually, a client is looking to alleviate a pain point or move toward something they desire. If you can show the benefits of your product or service, then the client will quickly see what's in it for them. Remember: most people buy based on emotion, not logic.

  2. Ask for Their Input – And Listen to Their Responses The best way to learn about the preferences of your clients is by asking them what they need. Request honest feedback using surveys. Be open to the requests shared through these inquiries, so you can keep an eye on the varying requests as they engage with your brand. This feedback can be a valuable way to see how your clients view your company and whether you are providing them with a satisfying experience. Gathering this information is just the first step. Once you learn more about their preferences and needs, be proactive in creating an action plan to improve your product or service based on their responses.

  3. Aim for the “Wow Factor” If you create an experience that leaves each client with the “wow factor” after every touchpoint, then you build brand loyalty that lasts for a long time. Clients know that there are many options in the industry, which is why you need to be proactive in showing each person how your business stands out from the competition. Dedicate a portion of your marketing budget to client retention. Small steps can go a long way to improve the experience for each customer. For example, look for ways you can share a little extra with each transaction. A small thank you gift is a great way to increase the perceived value of each transaction. Even the simplest gifts such as a well-designed .pdf guide or a coupon code for a future sale can show that you are looking for ways to support your clients.

Over time, these small efforts can add up to build a solid relationship with each of your clients. Showing the value you bring to the table will make people want to engage with your business again in the future.

Do you need help aligning all aspects of your business so your message is clear, concise, creative, and speaks to your ideal customer? If you answered YES, book an introductory consultation to learn how we can help you! We will speak with you to learn all about your business goals and needs during this free call. Should you choose to work with us, we promise to save you time and any frustration that can come along with having a business.

Some of our services include:

  • Strategizing

  • Brand Messaging

  • Copy & Content Writing

  • Logo & Web Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media

At Evoke Creative, we are here to help you, help them :)

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