What's your story?


We want to know every gritty detail. Fill us in on the hard work it takes to run your business. Tell us your true story by embracing the emotion that has accompanied every success, all the bumps in the road, and the blood sweat and tears you've shed along the way. We will listen, we will immerse ourselves in your passion and weave the fibers of your story to artfully deliver your message and elevate your brand identity. Together we will evoke the emotion that your brand is built on and inspire your audience.

We'd love to know, so tell us!


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Brand Identities by Evoke Creative Co.


Evoke your authentic brand and develop it to withstand the competition.


We are passionate about small business. Helping people, much like ourselves, make things happen is what drives us. We offer a breadth of services including identity development, creative design projects, strategic planning and consulting services. There is no job too big, no business too small, and most of all nothing more important than achieving your desired results.  




brand creations & revivals

We help our clients focus on their true story. Some are just developing it and others may have lost sight of it. A strong foundation for a timeless brand is one rooted in the story that has led to this point. We love learning these intimate details and incorporating them into a well crafted visual identity.  

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brand collateral, promotions & packaging

Effectively build brand awareness and inspire your audience with impactful marketing tools. Good design and persuasive pieces will elevate your brand identity and promote a cohesive message that will speak to your audience.



a la carte services

While there may be common threads, Evoke clients always receive an experience and product unique to them. We recognize that client needs are never one size fits all which is why we offer many affordable design consulting services for your creative projects. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help.  



multimedia, social, operational, spacial

Strategic planning is essential in aligning all aspects of your business so your message is clear, concise and creative. Detailed research of your business, competition, and consumer will be gathered in order to effectively refine your vision, develop a design concept, and implement a plan that is relevant and promotes growth.