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Part Two - Favorite Takeaways from Rise Up 2020

Rise Up Challenge; Part 2 - Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

If you missed Part 1 - Golden Nuggets For Entrepreneurs, go here.

Otherwise, we are going to jump right into it.

Takeaways from Jesse Itzler - Entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker. Create winning habits, winning routines and a winning mindset.

You cannot BE an entrepreneur without THINKING like an entrepreneur. - Jesse Itzler

Your mindset can be your biggest superpower during your journey.

Here’s how the top entrepreneurs in the world think.

  1. They overcome the nature of self doubt. Entrepreneurs are capable and don’t get overcome with negative talk and self doubt. Start the process, get small victories, and gain momentum. Have the confidence to figure it out as you go.

  2. They believe it. Whatever “it” is, visualize and believe it. “I'm a millionaire, they just haven't paid me yet.”

  3. They handle the lows. Don’t run from them.

  4. They don’t negotiate their goals. They are unwavering.

  5. They are willing to bet on themselves.

  6. They create their own luck. They put themselves positions where luck will find them, and they can attract their own luck.

  7. They become the expert in all their business.

  8. They invest in themselves. They are thirsty to learn and willing to work with mentors.

  9. They respect the process. They understand it takes time and they have a passion for the process (not the product).

  10. They start the process and figure out how to get from A to B the fastest and get started. Ready, FIRE, aim. No one has it all figured out.

  11. They fix things that are broken. Problems are the biggest opportunity. Get in front of the problem.

  12. They know winners keep learning. Einstein once when you stop learning you start dying.

  13. They take criticism well. Great leaders learn from it - “You're right. I should compliment, congratulate, and console more.”

  14. They know that success is being good in multiple buckets: in your business, but also in life by being a good daughter, wife, parent, etc..

  15. They apply all of this mindset to every bucket of their life, not just 1. How you do anything is how you do everything.

Live with soul. You're gonna be successful, but you also choose how you want to live your life. Jesse chooses to focus on living his life with SOUL and to ‘be where his feet are’ (present).

Life is a bus ride. It’s fast, and then the ride ends. What’s past is done. The bus doesn’t stop when you're sick, lazy, broke, etc. Fill the ride from now on with purpose and soul. If Jesse wired you $10 million tomorrow, what would you do? Know what you are playing for. Know what you want, and do it before the bus ride is over. Consider lowest aggravation vs reward. When you’re younger, you might be able to handle aggravation, but the older you get, make adjustments since your bus ride is shorter.

If you don’t have a seat at the table, you make one. Build deep meaningful relationships.

Do more than expected. Compliment, congratulate and console often. It’s not just about people’s business. Admire and compliment other things about them, like how they parent. Congratulate them when their kid gets accepted into a college. And when you console, you don’t call, you show up. Business is about getting into people's lives. People buy into people more than products

ROI comes in different forms. Jesse sold the Knicks a song for $4000 and it cost $4800 for him to produce. Is that a good business model? ...If you said no, you’d be wrong. Jesse said he would have paid $5000 for them to use his song to say they were a client and have that story. ROI comes in different forms, not just money. Sometimes it’s just the lesson you learn on your journey. Sometimes it’s being around influencers, and asking questions - How do you live? What time you get up? What’s your morning ritual? How to you spend your time? How do you take care of your kids?


Takeaways from Tim Grover - Keynote speaker and consultant to business leaders, athletes, and achievers; teaching the principles of relentless drive, result-driven performance, and mental toughness.

Know YOUR Definition of Winning

Excel based on who you are and not what others want you to be.

There is no finish line. There are no 5 steps to success. For most successful people, the steps are endless. There is no one size fits all. First, get out of your own way. Stop looking for everything external. Change happens from the inside out. When someone gives you information, that change is temporary, because it’s external. It’s like a sugar high that doesn’t last. There is so much information, and maybe it’s all true. You have to identify with yourself, and implement what resonates with you.

Understand that even superheroes hit challenges and have failures. Being a superhero doesn’t mean you're not vulnerable. It doesn't mean you're not going to make mistakes.


Takeaways from Erwin McManus - Artist and cultural thought leader known for his integration of creativity and spirituality.

Why “time management” can only get you so far, and what you should be focusing on instead.

  1. Ownership. Taking ownership puts you in the driver’s seat.

  2. Energy management. Some things suck energy and some give energy. Do more of the things that give you energy and less of the things that take from it.

  3. Mindset. The brain doesn’t know the difference between recalling a memory and having an experience. Stop rethinking and reliving negative experiences, which is equivalent to it happening to you over and over. When you catch yourself, replace it with a positive by reliving one of your greatest memories in detail.


Takeaways from Hal Elrod - Author, keynote speaker and success coach. Bestselling books The Miracle Morning, The Miracle Equation, founder of the Miracle Morning book series and the host of the Achieve Your Goal podcast.

You will have different struggles throughout life. What do I need to focus on NOW?


  • Silence - meditation, prayer or breathing

  • Affirmation - in each area of life, ask- what am I committed to? Why is that deeply meaningful to me? What specifically will I do everyday to ensure it becomes a reality? Don’t bullshit yourself and say “I’m happy” if you’re not. Try “I'm committed to being happier today than I was yesterday.”

  • Visualization - visualize yourself carrying out the commitments you just made in a peak mental and emotional state

  • Exercise - do anything, a few jump-n-jacks... just move your body for a bit!

  • Reading - gain wisdom and inspiration

  • Scribing - journaling and processing your thoughts. For example; 3 things you’re grateful for and 1-3 actions you’re committed to doing today to help manifest what you just focused on during your miracle morning.


Success Tips from Other Successful Entrepreneurs

  • #1 factor for success = GRIT.

  • Don't live for your goals, live for your vision. If you can see it, you can create it.

  • If it's anything significant, it’s worth fighting for and it's even worth failing for.

  • Greatness is developed on the climb, not at the peak.

  • Control what you can - attitude, effort, preparation.

  • Confidence is the memory of success. Where you have triumphed over struggles in the past, and what did you learn? It is also an internal knowing that you can create what you see in your mind and having the guts to go get it.

  • Remember money is not the only scorecard. And dollars follow VALUE (not ‘it takes money to make money’). People are the biggest asset.

  • Value creation, when our vision is tied to the impact we make for other people in the world, it’s expansive. Other people support our vision, and the resources come.

  • Mental capital + relationship capital = financial capital

  • Mental capital - develop and up-level your skill set. Don’t diversify.

  • Relationship capital - if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, take others with you.

Hang in there during the trying times, and keep it real everyday with this mindset - “It might be a fight, but we're gonna find a way to win.” You are an entrepreneur. It’s about you distributing your unique talents to the world and the world rewarding you in the form of love, affirmation, reputation, referrals, and money. And think if your life was a book, how would I want the story to go?


We experienced so many ah-ha moments during the Rise Up Challenge of 2020. It inspired us and energized us to keep putting our best selves out into the world and to never give up on anything that we truly wish to achieve. Thank you to the Rise Up community, we are looking forward to the challenge in 2021!

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