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You Are A Badass

The Underestimated Truths About Entrepreneurs & Why YOU Are A Total Badass

Challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur
Photo by Amelia Bartlett on Unsplash

Being an entrepreneur can be extremely rewarding. You are already a bad-ass for taking on this journey. Yet, there are a few truths to entrepreneurship that we all underestimate in the beginning. These truths can push us way beyond our comfort zone and leave us questioning our decision. These are normal stepping stones along the journey, so hold onto WHY you started in the first place to get you through.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Not even close. It takes WORK. We know this, right? Just like people who work out hard for a month and don’t look like Thor, we still hit a point and wonder “where is my reward?” It takes a shit-load of small, incremental movements, dedication and self-motivation to keep going. Ideas are nothing without execution. Focus on your progress and keep taking action!


You will have failures; probably lots of them.

This is not meant to discourage you. As much as we hate discomfort, this is part of life. Entrepreneurs are life-long LEARNERS, and not all the lessons will come easy. Take each lesson gracefully. Understand it’s a stepping stone to where you’re going, adjust course and KEEP PUSHING!

Finding people who are successful in what you’re trying to achieve can help you minimize your failures by learning from theirs. It’s not an ‘easy button’, but it can remove some guesswork and give you a boost of confidence and accountability.

You might overlook your successes.

This sounds odd, right? BUT as mentioned before, it takes a shit-load of incremental actions. Most of us know what our desired success looks like, just like the person trying to be built like Thor. Maybe in business, we want to net $10K a month. That’s great! But... there will be many, many months that don’t look like success. It’s important to recognize the incremental successes that are vital to achieving our big hairy audacious goal to keep yourself motivated.

People might not get it.

You might find doubters. You might even find overly-enthusiastic-but-delusional fans. This is ok. No matter who you encounter, you do not need validation from anyone. Having a few like-minded people in your circle can be a blessing, but regardless, do your thing!

It can be extremely fulfilling to carve your own path by entrepreneurship. Try to be a little forgiving as you hit bumps along the way. You have chosen to tackle something completely new, exciting and terrifying!

It is totally worth it if that's you, so GO AHEAD, unleash the inner badass that YOU are!

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