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Why You Should Work With Your Pet

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

If you’re like most people, chances are you own a pet. Not all of us have the opportunity to work with our fur-babies, but if you do, here’s why you should!

dog in the workplace
Photo by Jamie Street

Pets Improve Health & Reduce Stress

Who doesn’t need less stress?! Owning a pet can reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mood and depressive symptoms, and lower blood pressure. This applies to work as well.

Petting a friendly animal lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and gazing into a fish tank can also lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Pets Get Us Off Our Butts & Boost Creativity

How often do you look up at the clock and wonder, “When was the last time I got up and moved?” Or do you stare at your screen trying to push through a mental block, when you really need to step away? Most people have lunch at their desk and barely get up and move at all. We all know how damaging a sedentary lifestyle can be.

Pets can be a great reminder to stay active during the day. Taking a pet out for a walk can give you a much-needed creativity boost.

Pets Promote Happiness & Improved Relationships

Pets can provide a common-interest and a positive conversation starter. A pet can create a friendly greeting for clients or visitors. Most people enjoy animals and will feel more relaxed in a pet-friendly environment. Friendly animals can help lighten the mood when things get stressful.

Pet-Parent Guilt & A Smoother Evening

Does this sound familiar? You are trying to get in the door after a long day of work, often with your hands full, dinner and homework on your mind. You open the door and your

fur-babies immediately rush you, needing a potty break, some love, and some grub. Taking your pet to work can help with a smoother transition into a more peaceful evening for everyone.

Friendly Pets Lighten the Mood
Photo by Angelina Litvin

Allowing Pets In the Workplace

Allowing pets can decrease turnover and improve attendance for the many people that are concerned about leaving a pet at home. They may be inclined to take more time off or leave earlier than usual. Bringing pets to work can allow people to be more flexible with their schedule, rather than having to rush home to Baxter.

People who are able to bring their pets generally have more productive and engaged work lives. Less worry about a pet at home can make employees more focused and increase performance.

If working with fur-babies isn’t an option right now, find other ways to lighten things up to promote your happiness and creativity. Lightening things up in the workplace can make it a more enjoyable and inspiring place for creativity and innovation.

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