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What Are You Really Selling?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Starting a Business - Part 6

Is your offer becoming more clear?

We've given you a lot to consider up to this point. We’d bet money your mind keeps thinking about what you can offer and how you can offer it. You likely have had several ideas pop up but you may be having a hard time wrapping your head around how to sell it. We are hoping this blog will provide you some clarity.

Think back to the specific problem you want to solve. What is the ideal outcome of working with you or the biggest benefit? Always work with the end in mind and work to make it tangible. Instead of putting out a makeup tutorial, something more tangible would be - how to rock that red lipstick.

With the desired end in mind, consider what would best deliver those results. Work with your strengths and where you are right now. If you are an amazing writer, consider how you could deliver the results through your writing. If you love coaching or video, go that route. Don’t get stuck trying to learn something new at this point. Consider this awesome concept from Russell Conwell:

"Quit searching for ‘the thing’ when you have acres of diamonds right under your feet."

Use your unique strengths and your solution to find the people who are waiting for you to come on the scene.

Once you have settled on your product or service, you will be stoked about sharing your offer! But one thing before you do… your customers don’t really care about your product or service. So don’t try to sell them your product.

Wait… WHAT!?

It’s the truth. But hear us out. Your customers have a problem. They are only interested in a solution that promises a better life, making a profit, or avoiding a loss.

So you are not selling them a product or service, you are selling an idea of a better life through your solution. Make sure you meet them where they are now, with their problem, first. They won’t buy from you if they don’t feel like you understand their situation. So get their attention, meet them where they are, and build their interest and desire for something better.

If you cringe at the thought of sales, you must change your mindset about sales. You help people find the results and solutions they need. You help your customers make the decision that's best for them. What you offer is likely outside their comfort zone. They might fight like hell to stay in their comfort zone. Their want and desire for that outcome and the understanding that what they’ve done so far isn’t working will show that it’s time for a new approach. (Not to mention the will not have a business without sales.)

A word about pricing, set your price based on the value of the outcome - not the time. Remember people are more vested when they invest money into a solution and therefore are more likely to take the action required to have success.

Your Customers Will Thank You

Instead of focusing on the negative perception of sales, shift your thinking to service. Your goal is to improve the lives of your customers through the available products and services.

Ultimately, a good sales approach will leave your customers thanking you for sharing information about the product. If your offer will enhance the quality of their life or their business, you aren’t ‘selling them’ – you are aiding them to step out of their comfort zone toward a hopeful future!

Check out Starting a Business - A Guide for the Online Entrepreneur for a summary of this blog series and what you can expect to learn each week.

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