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Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

With the holidays among us, the demands of life, and the challenges of running a business collide, you might be facing a surge of stress and overwhelm. Do you have good tools and systems to manage yourself so the stress doesn't hinder your progress?

Stress and Overwhelm: What You Need to Know

Sometimes, being under pressure can be productive, because it keeps you focused on knocking things off your to-do list and putting more focus on current initiatives. But there is a fine balance between staying motivated without letting the stress turn into overwhelm.

Often, people feel the initial pressure through stress, which leads to overwhelm if you can't keep up with the demands. While stress can be motivating at times, it can also lead to serious long-term health concerns if you aren't proactive in managing it. Most people find that stress and overwhelm are linked - if you reduce your stress, then it is likely that your overwhelm will be reduced as well.

5 Tips for Reducing Stress

When you are feeling like there is so much to do that you will never be able to keep up with the demands, then it is likely that overwhelm is taking a toll on your mindset and productivity. Here are a few tips for managing stress effectively, so you can stay in motion without letting the overwhelm take over:

  1. Be Still: When your to-do list never ends, it often feels like you don't have time to sit still. If the deadlines seem fast-approaching, how can you afford to take a break? The truth is, taking a moment to be still might the perfect solution to help you optimize performance so you can move through your tasks more efficiently. Meditation and stillness reduce anxiety, lower stress levels, and increase your focus. A few minutes of stillness is one of the best ways you can invest in your mind, giving you a performance edge for work activities.

  2. Break a Sweat: Even a quick 20-minute exercise session can have a powerful effect on your mind and body. Exercise releases chemicals that alter your mood. Additionally, your body is more effective at fighting stress when you are in good shape.

  3. Manage Expectations: Make sure your personal goals are realistic to create a steady pace to reach your long-term aspirations. It can feel disheartening to never make it through your to-do list each day. If you are setting your aim too high and can't complete your tasks, then you might need to delegate a few things to other team members. Setting these expectations for yourself and others can be a powerful way to maintain the momentum without carrying added stress.

  4. Prioritize: While you can get a lot done in a day, make sure your efforts are focused on tasks that will pay off in the future. You can't juggle everything at once and expect things to work out optimally. Instead, select your top priorities and be willing to let go of the things that aren't quite as important. For example, you might prioritize your schedule to focus on money-making tasks within your business, while handing off other tasks that are lower in priority.

  5. Maintain Boundaries: There are times when it makes sense to say "no" to opportunities, especially when the added tasks would increase the stress in your life. Determine your limits and stick to these boundaries in your work and personal relationships.

Also, remember that everyone is unique, which is why it's important for you to find the stress-busting strategies that work best for your needs. Then, make it a priority to add these activities to your regular schedule, so you can stay ahead of managing your stress before it hinders your efforts. Now...breathe :)

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