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Are you struggling to make the most out of your Instagram account? Our comprehensive social media audit will provide you with valuable insights and strategies to optimize your profile, engage your audience, and drive results.


Here's what our package includes:


Profile Optimization:
We'll analyze your profile and provide recommendations on improvements, including an optimized bio. We'll ensure your profile represents your brand effectively.


Highlights Enhancement:
We'll assess your current highlights and offer insights on content categories and visual tips. We'll guide you in creating cohesive covers that align with your brand colors or themes.


Grid Optimization:
We'll review your content and provide guidance on achieving a visually cohesive grid. By optimizing your content, the overall look and feel of your Instagram profile will be enhanced.


Followers Analysis:

Our experts will analyze your following and followers, ensuring you're connecting with relevant individuals. We will provide insight surrounding what is truly important in regards to your followers.


We'll analyze 2-3 accounts in your industry or recommend accounts that can inspire your content. We'll identify what they do well and help you incorporate those strategies into your own approach.


Content Pillars:
We'll define 2-3 main pillars or specific topics that you should be covering to engage your audience effectively.



  • Presentation with recommendations

  • Benchmarking and content pillar definition

  • 30-day content calendar with post ideas


Don't settle for subpar Instagram performance. Let our expert consultants help you elevate your social media presence and achieve your business goals. Get the social media audit now and take the first step toward social media success.


*Once you complete your purchase, you will receive a digital download outlining the next steps to begin your audit. The audit takes 7-10 days to complete once we receive the requested details, we will need from you to begin. Please check your email to access the "next steps" document and be on the lookout for a follow-up email containing a questionnaire you will need to complete. 

Instagram Social Media Audit

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