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Our work with Chilled Leaf™

logo • packaging • website • social • art direction • brand photography • ad campaigns

Discover our collaboration with Chilled Leaf, where every detail is an embodiment of their unique brand essence. Our journey together included crafting a distinctive logo, designing eye-catching beverage cans, and creating a seamless website. With meticulous art direction, we captured their brand's essence through stunning photography, seamlessly integrated across their social media presence. Our strategic ad campaigns added a flavorful twist to their marketing efforts, effectively engaging their target audience. Explore the synergy of design, strategy, and creativity in our partnership with Chilled Leaf.

chilled leaf logo by evoke creative
chilled leaf can design by evoke creative
chilled leaf beverage cans with drinks on table top
cancel hangovers, chilled leaf ad campaign by evoke creative
elevate your day, chilled leaf google campaign by evoke creative
benefits over booze, chilled leaf social campaign by evoke creative
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